Finding Quality Joomla Components

Looking for a component can not only be very time consuming but also challenging. While there are many great ideas and options out there for joomla components. There are unfortunately alot of “hack together” styled components. In saying that it is good to see that developers are attempting to make components for joomla and share them with other joomla fans.

When developing a site for a client or even for yourself trying to find the right component that will achieve the desired outcome can take along time to do. With alot of trial and error you will eventually find the right component. A few of the joomla components that are available on the internet are really good and infact I would say that if it was not for the fact that Joomla is open source, I would strongly recommend and encourage developers to charge for their components.

On this site there is a selection of joomla components which have been tested and used by me on websites in the past. These are very popular or upcoming component which can be used in conjunction with other components without any inherit security risks that come with untested or reliability issues. Not all of the components on this site are going to be free but alot of them will be.

If you have a component which you think is really cool or has helped you out in the past please share it with us so that other people out there can enjoy it as much as you have. To share the component with others visit the contact me page.