Limitations with Importing Subscribers CCnewsletter

When migrating to a new newsletter system namely from Letterman (old CCNewsletter) to the new version of CCNewsletter it is pretty straight forward the only problem is that if you have a site that is a couple of years old which has a couple of thousand newsletter subscribers you soon hit a snag with the export and import process.

Exporting is straight forward and could not be easier. The problem comes in to play when you import in to CCNewsletter. For some god for saken reason it would only import the first 700 odd subscribers. What happens to the rest? To be perfectly honest I am not sure however I did get an error message. This made me of course investigate the issue further. I found that I had to modify the exported xml file from letterman and remove the first 700 odd subscribers from the xml file, save it and then continue the importing process.

This worked well and after about 10 minutes I had all 2000+ subscribers imported. While this is not a huge issue it is something that I am sure others have suffered from and would like to know the solution to. If you have problems attempt to modify the xml file and then continue the importing process. See how you go form there.