Joomla Template Options

Have you been spending hours looking for that right joomla template? Have you had a few joomla templates in the past or are sick of being stuff with the default ones that are supplied with Joomla when you download it? The good news is that you are probably not the only person who has had this issue. Infact up until a couple of years ago there were millions of users out there with this very issue. Joomla templating can be very difficult and time consuming even for the “experts in joomla”.

There is some good news and some bad news for people in this situation. The good news is that there are good options out there. The bad news is that there are alot of Joomla Templaters out there who do not build Joomla Templates correctly. I have seen the best of both worlds. While yes it is true I can do Joomla templates for people; it does take time and it is often cheaper for them to have a few options other than depending on someone like me to help.

Included on this page is a few places who I have used myself for projects. These places offer joomla templates as a part of a template club or even unique one off designs. I have attached for you a review of these places as well as a few options for you to consider when getting the right Joomla template for your new website.

Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme have been around for such a long time now that they even built templates for Joomla’s predicessor called “Mambo”. The templates that come from Rocket Theme are not only flexable and designed for various style of sites but they are also templates that have cool features. They offer as a rule of thumb quite a few cool little addon functions. Rocket Theme also are builders of Joomla Components which were initially designed to enhance their templates. This though has now changed but the good news is you do not have to buy a template to get access to these components. Rocket Theme is a template club so it is a good idea to join this site and enjoy the benefits of getting access to a new joomla template each month for 12 months.

Visit: Rocket Theme


JoomlArt is very popular templating club that has been around for a while now. The team from JoomlArt are partnered with other long standing Joomla enthusiests like iJoomla, Phil Talyor and There is regular releases of templates from these guys. While I cannot say that I have used their templates I have enjoyed some of their designs and would still recommend them based off of their exposure and popularity.

Visit: JoomlArt

Custom Built Templates

This option is by far the best if you can find the right provider. Like anything that involves creativity in this world, there is a big difference between a custom built template as opposed to a prebuilt template from a template club. This is something that you do not see a lot of when it comes to Joomla. A large percentage of "Custom Templates" in the marketplace are actually ones from template clubs that have been significantly changed. This in my opinion is not really a custom built template but rather a customized club template. While this may look the part there is often a lot of excess baggage in the template which you will probably never use.

If you want to have a professional looking, custom template built for your Joomla website then you should really be spending at least 2k-3k on the custom template being built. This would be a good starting point for any website that is going to contain 6 or more pages of text / images and a couple of forms. If you are wanting one with a shopping cart built (also known as an e-commerce website) then you should be looking at about 9k-10k. This may seem like a lot for a custom built template but it is something that takes time and something that will look 10x better than a template from a club.

From experience there are a few providers out there that are capable of building true custom templates. The hardest thing to find is one that has got the experience to go with their claims of custom joomla templates. Do not be fooled by a lot of the small indian companies offering you custom joomla templates as they are often NOT custom and if they are a custom design they are usually replacing the core templates like beez or ja_purity that comes with Joomla by default. It is going to be more expensive than a Joomla template club but it is unique and it is a one off design for the ones who keep their word about doing custom joomla templates. If you want to know more email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will happily send you in to the right direction.