Migration - Joomla 1.5 - 2.5.1 - Testing the upgraded site

Testing & Deployment of the site

This is one part of the process which took a little amount of time as the site I was upgrading / working on was not overly complex. If I had a few components big components like Virtuemart or Mosets Tree running then it would have been a different story.  I still treated this part as a vital process and as though it was the most important part of the upgrade process as it would ultimately reflect on the quality of the site after the upgrade. This in turn could have surverely damaged the reputation of the site in question. Given that this site gets a bit of traffic but doesn't have complex features it just made sense. I guess I am saying no matter how big or small the site do it the right way the first time otherwise it could affect your public perception as the owner of the site.

Testing of the site included things like load speeds, browser compatibility, testing of forms and other functions that required visitor interaction of the site. I then decided to make some improvements to the way that a few things worked and once I was happy with the result I then proceeded to deploying the site to the live environment. This is one part of the process which can be time consuming itself as it requires the moving and deletion of some files and tables within a database followed by the process of moving this updated version of the site to the live environment.

This leads to the end of the migration process. The upgrade is now completed and for the forseeable future there will be smaller upgrades that will take place which will not require major migrations like the one I have just documented. While I realise the process it is something that I hope you have got some direction with and a good understanding of what sort of work is required. It is a major upgrade and one that with a bit of luck should not be required for time to come. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email by emailing neil (at) nultz.com.