Joomla Development Cycle

Joomla as you are more than likely aware is an open source content management system (CMS). This however can come at a cost with regards to any open source project. It usually means that the core developers involved are not able to commit to it full time and for extensive periods of time. Joomla however has gone against the grain in this instance by being around for quite a while now. Not only that but they have had many different releases of their software. Joomla 1.0.x which came out 4 or so years ago and then 2 years later 1.5.x was released.

Joomla made a commitment very early on in the piece to deploy updates every quarter. This mean’t that they had committed themselves to their followers. While this has been a great thing for the software package and the avid followers of Joomla it has come to a point where they have had to review how their development cycle will continue in the future. Do not panic though they are not debating about extending or delaying updates rather they are talking about making some improvements. On December 18, 2009 Joomla released a news item “Possible New Release Cycle for Joomla“.

In this announcment it was explained that the development cycle between versions was getting a bit long in the tooth. Joomla 1.6 was following in the sames steps as its predicessor Joomla 1.5. In turn a conclusion was made that future developments of joomla would be done in a 6 monthly cycle. Attached below is some of the objectives that are hoped to be achieved as a part of the new release cycle:

  1. Continue to offer a stable, reliable platform for our current and future user base.
  2. Make new core features available to the community on a more timely basis.
  3. Allow developers to write and contribute code to the project at any time in the release cycle.
  4. Make it easier for community developers to contribute features to the project.
  5. Make our release cycle more like other FOSS projects, such as Eclipse and Ubuntu.

What will happen after all this? Well my guess is that it will end up being the case where joomla followers like me will end up enjoying more features and stable releases.