Virtuemart Migration Issues

While working on a project for a client I had to move all their products and what not from their old version of Virtuemart/Joomla. Some of their products were digital products. While this is not really an issue per say I discovered that in the latest version of Virtuemart that there is no longer support for downloadable products within each product like there was in the past.

Virtuemart and I do not know why but in all wisdom and brilliance have changed the way that the digital downloads work. Apparently you now have to upload files manually (within their “Add new files” section) and then assign them to individual products. This may not seem like a big issue and probably is not for fresh installs but for old ones migrating I must say the idea not only sucks but is a really bad one on their behalf.

As I work out a viable solution to move 100 digital products I will post details on here and let you know how it goes.