Joomla template css used to overwrite Virtuemart css

Some of you who have played with virtuemart have probably not had much luck browsing around the somewhat cumbersome filing system used to develop virtuemart. Do not get me wrong it is a 10 fold improvement on what was in past editions. I have been working continuously on this project for a client and discovered that with a bit of effort and fine tuning you can actually do all your Virtuemart customizations within your style.css file then make the remaining modifications to their files. Using the style.css file for formatting Virtuemart will also save you time and effort trying to track down the right file. This same theory can be applied to other joomla components. Joomla will always check in the themes css file over the components css file.

Whats the catch? There is 2 areas where their files can appear when it comes to updating Virtuemart. One is located within the administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html folder and the other is located in the components/com_virtuemart/templates/theme/default folder.

The secret to following their filing system is to keep in mind that the url actually tells you what page to modify. An example of this is when the url contains …..& then the file you need to edit is It is just a matter of locating this file via ftp to make the required change.

If you get stuck or need a hand send me an email or post a comment here and I will be in touch.